How Outsourcing Works

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is the process of transferring what would otherwise be performed by an internal company function to an external one. For example, accounting, IT, or marketing can be delegated to a third-party provider. The outsourcing provider delivers specific services to its customers at an agreed-upon price. As a client, there can be …

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How to Manage Your Valuable Information – Part_1

Many businesses struggle to effectively capture, retain and share their valuable information (hear Elon Musk’s interesting examples here). In this post we will explore how the accumulation of information leads to progress, how information can be lost and what you can do about it.

Way of the Keyboard Warrior – Part_1

For somewhat of a more practical post I’m going to cover off keyboard shortcuts today. We all use them to differing degrees. But beyond the usual copy-paste commands most people use, there’s a huge number of other shortcuts which can greatly improve your productivity (that’s good right?).