How Outsourcing Works

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is the process of transferring what would otherwise be performed by an internal company function to an external one. For example, accounting, IT, or marketing can be delegated to a third-party provider. The outsourcing provider delivers specific services to its customers at an agreed-upon price. As a client, there can be …

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How to Manage Your Valuable Information – Part_1

Many businesses struggle to effectively capture, retain and share their valuable information (hear Elon Musk’s interesting examples here). In this post we will explore how the accumulation of information leads to progress, how information can be lost and what you can do about it.

The Future of Cloud Computing

As the cloud industry continues to grow and progress, the pace of innovation has not slowed. One trend that is continuing is the growth of products that abstract away complexity. This post will briefly discuss two such products and how they might be a window into the future of cloud computing.

The NBN Debate

  In Australia like with most other large policy areas, the debate around the NBN has been heated. Unfortunately the natural outcome of our two party political system has meant that it has become highly political with the two sides arguing over the technology choice and deployment method.

Way of the Keyboard Warrior – Part_1

For somewhat of a more practical post I’m going to cover off keyboard shortcuts today. We all use them to differing degrees. But beyond the usual copy-paste commands most people use, there’s a huge number of other shortcuts which can greatly improve your productivity (that’s good right?).

What’s a Good Backup and Why You Need It

Most people reading this would have at some point in time experienced data loss. The reasons are varied; hard drive failure, accidental deletion, viruses, theft and loss of the physical medium. Backup systems at home are still uncommon, even though most of us hold ‘important’ data somewhere at home.

Vendor Loyalty or Diversity?

When I was in the planning stage of my company it became obvious early on that vendor selection was going to be an important task. I had some ideas about how I would go about this task, based on some personal principles.

Windows 10: First Impressions

I decided to become an early adopter of Windows 10 when it was recently released. Most IT professionals would be more cautious given Microsoft’s history of poor releases. However I was rather optimistic, mostly because of Windows 8.1. I was impressed with it thinking Microsoft had finally learnt from past failures and gotten their development …

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