How Kloud IT was founded

By Kaveh Sharifi

It was 2015 and I was working at a large corporate in Sydney, thinking about a change in my career. At a crossroads, I had an option to pursue a similar role at another large corporate but with better pay, or to start a business.

Catching up with an old friend around this time ended up making the decision for me. He had become unhappy with his IT provider and somewhat jokingly asked, 'why don’t you do this? I'll be your first customer'. Not long after that I handed in my resignation and with some savings in the bank and not much else, Kloud IT was founded.

Back then when we started, it was just me running solo (with a few different hats on!). Since then, we have grown to a team of five and we have plans to continue growing and expanding our capabilities.


Back in 2015 the technology landscape looked very different. 'Cloud' services were only starting to gain traction with names like 'Office 365' and 'AWS'. In thinking about how to differentiate ourselves from the competition, it seemed clear to me that cloud-based services were going to be the future and most incumbents were unwilling to adopt it. Why? Because it disrupted their business model, they were heavily reliant on selling hardware and 'on-premises' infrastructure, of which Exchange Server (for email) was their bread and butter.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that I was a little early to the party, cloud services would take a little longer to become the mainstream. None the less with a little creative (or not) flair we adopted cloud into our name and built our business with cloud services at its core. I knew in the long term this would provide more value to customers and in the end that would
translate to happier customers and a better business for us.

Our Vision

We want to build a sustainable business which grows organically with our clients. Their growth means our growth. Some of the key ways we envision helping our clients achieve their goals is by helping them adopt the latest technology to improve productivity, ensure their technology works as expected and keeping them secure in a world where cyber threats are on the rise.

Now more than ever, technology matters in the world of business.

Our Management Team

Kaveh - Founder & Managing Director

Started my career in IT over 15 years' ago, spanning many different roles. I have done a variety of technical but also management roles in this time. Have achieved a broad range of accreditation across different vendors and disciplines, which included a stint as an in-person trainer for VMware enterprise infrastructure. I founded Kloud IT 6 years ago after having an itch to start my own thing, which has kept me busy since! Whilst my job today is primarily a management role, I still have deep roots and involvement in the technical space as well. Love soccer, tennis and a bit of geeky coding on the side too 🙂

Nic - Client Manager

Having grown up with computers, it’s safe to say that I am digital native. I started my career in IT 13 years ago at a small Australian based technology e-commerce business. I would then go on to work at some large IT multinationals (Dell, Lexmark and HP). My desire to help businesses transform by better leveraging technology led me to Kloud IT when I am the lead Client Manager. Being very detail orientated, I am also asked to assist with Project Management to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time at the beach with my family, anything to do with cars/go karting, and playing chess & soccer.